Capillaries Rituals

Curl up and be pampered

In I´m miu, we aim to spoil our guests why we provide you with different hair treatments and products of the highest quality for you to enjoy a relaxing time with great results

Shu Uemura Rituals

Instant Ceremony: Instant treatment, the magic of hair regeneration in just a few minutes, thanks to the power of the magnolia oil.

Essential Ceremony: Intensive treatment, a moment of maximum relaxation and hair transformation. Purification of the hair and hair fiber with essential oils and relaxing shiatsu gestures.

Master Ceremony: Master treatment, a unique beauty process where you study and diagnose the multiple needs of hair, between nutrition, relaxation and shine ..

Rituals and therapies Trendy Hair

Trendy Hair products are able to nourish, beautify and repair the hair and scalp fibers in just under a session.


For certain Jobs, we need to know mínimum 24h before your visit